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Got New Ugg Australia! Do you know how to clean them the right way.

by Thanusha Batuwitage on October 05, 2022

Buying a pair of premium Ugg Australia is never in vain. It is a good investment you are making in making yourself look stunning. We take a bow at you for that commitment, really! But just making the purchase of uggs in Australia isn't commitment enough for your Ugg Boots. You need to keep them clean and make them look stunning as new, for the longest as possible, to get the best out of their high durability. Here's how you can make your Uggs more durable and look stunning by keeping them clean.

It’s important to know how to clean your uggs in Australia

 Cleaning Water Stains on Uggs

Your Uggs in Australia are made with sheepskin, a material that always keeps your feet cosy and warm. It will be perfect to wear them in cold or rainy weather, BUT, it won't really do you any good if you get your uggs wet. But in case you do get them wet, this is what you can do. If a certain area of the boots gets wet, use a damp cloth to evenly wet the rest of the boots to prevent watermarks or lines. But if you're too late, you can blot the wet areas with a dry cloth, stuff the uggs with paper towels and let them dry away from direct heat. And then, you can clean them as recommended by your brand of Uggs in Australia.

 Cleaning the Mud Off Uggs

If you think getting your Uggs wet is the biggest problem, think about it again when you get some dirt or mud patches on them sometime. But worry not! It is not going to be nightmarish as you think it is. All you have to do to get the mud stains off your Ugg is to first let the mud dry completely. And then brush off as much mud as possible. If any remains, use a suede cleaner.

 Cleaning Salt off the Uggs

Wearing your Uggs in Australia's city streets will definitely make them get salt stains. When you do, it is recommended to get them off as soon as possible as the salt can damage your Uggs in Australia. Worry not! This is what you have to do to get rid of salt stains on your uggs in Australia. In case you have any water stains too on your uggs, it is better to treat the water stains before dealing with the salt. Then you can add a salt repellent to keep your Australian uggs safe from further damage and marks. Once you do that, before the uggs dry out completely, treat the salt stains with a solution of a 50:50 mix of water and vinegar and apply with a cloth. Rinse the uggs with a cloth soaked in water and then again with a dry cloth. Finally, leave your uggs in Australia to dry, and you're good to go.

How to know the cleaning recommendations?

If the uggs in Australia you just bought are in fact genuine ones, you will definitely receive a set of cleaning guidelines along with them. So always make sure that you buy your uggs in Australia from a reputed brand and from a verified vendor. There are great options for you to purchase genuine uggs in Australia online, like the Ugg Boots Australia online store and more. Buying your uggs in Australia online will reduce the risk of getting them damaged along the way to you since the vendor handles the shipping process professionally, and more importantly, you receive your uggs in Australia right to your doorstep.



Knowing how to correctly clean your Ugg Australia helps you immensely to keep your Ugg Boots looking stunning and durable for the longest time. Keep these points in mind and practice them often after a day of wearing your uggs in Australia.