Banksia Gifts Australia™ is a family owned and operated business, established in 1985. Banksia Gifts Australia™ are very proud to offer a range of giftware made from the Australian Native, Banksia Grandis seed pod. Founder and Craftsman, Tony Hansen first started experimenting with Australian Native Timber at the early age of 15 years old. His love of developing Australian made products quickly transformed when he discovered the Banksia Grandis and what he was able to create with it. It was out of pure curiosity that Tony’s wife, Liz, suggested that he carve a small circular Banksia pod with a drilled centre for her to place essential oils in. Shortly after discovering the porous nature of the Banksia Seed Pod, the Aroma Pod was born.

Banksia Gifts Australia (14)

15ml Bottle of Eucalyptus Oil


Mini Aroma Pod Diffuser


Mini Gift Box


6 Pack Mini Aroma Pod - Diffuser


Medium Aroma Pod Diffuser


Medium Gift Box


Double Mini Gift Box


Short Pillar Candle


Medium Pillar Candle


Tall Pillar Candle


Set of Two Ball Tea Lights


Large Hollow Tea Light